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Financial Services

contact information

Mailing/Physical Address:
Management and Finance Bldg.
7979 Independence Blvd.
Baton Rouge, LA 70806-6411

Director of Finance:
Scott Erwin

Phone Number: 225-925-7981
Fax Number: 225-925-4990

E-Mail Address:


PDFEFT Authorization Form PDFEFT Enrollment Instructions
PDFConstable & JP Reimbursement Request Forms PDFChange Order Form
PDFCertification of Sales Tax Detail Record Form PDFCertification Summary
PDFSample Contract-March 2010 PDFEFT Enrollment Form
PDFDPS Procurement Guidelines PDFW-9 Vendor Location Form


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Vendor FAQ's

Q: 1. What is the turn-around-time for payments?

   A: 14 days once the invoice has been received in Financial Services.

Q: 2. Can we receive our payments electronically?

   A: Yes. Please complete the Vendor EFT forms found on this website following the instructions for form submittal.

Q: 3. Are faxed copies of invoices acceptable?

   A: No. The original invoice is needed for payment processing.

Q: 4. How can I verify if a payment has been made?

   A: Please visit the following website for payment history:   OSRAP

Q: 5. How do I find out the payment status of an invoice that is not showing up on the OSRAP website?

   A: Contact the office that requested items/services from you. They are responsible for establishing a purchase order for payment processing.

Q: 6. How can I update changes made to my business name, address, etc.?

   A: Please choose the correct form found on this website following the form submittal instructions.

Q: 7. Why did my payment exclude taxes?

   A: The state is tax exempt. Please reference the Tax Exempt Form found on this website.

Q: 8. How can I clear a NSF item?

   A: Letters are generated for all NSF items. Once you have received the NSF Notice Letter please follow the instructions for clearing the item. Payment should be resubmitted within 30 days to avoid further actions.

Q: 9. If I am a PTA or Auto Title Company and I want to get set up as EFT, how do I do so?

   A: Please complete the Vendor EFT forms found on this website following the instructions for form submittal.